Asturpep is a completely natural and organic product designed to combat a myriad of inflammatory conditions. Launched in the UK by the Spinal Care Centre in Essex after 18 months of research and testing, Asturpep is organically certified in both the UK and Europe.

Independent worldwide research on the individual ingredients has shown amazing outcomes for a multitude of inflammation causing diseases, including arthritis and in particular joint health, our main research driver. This is the first time that the individual ingredients have been brought together in a single capsule.

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This journey started as we tried to assist our clients in finding relief for their arthritis and other aches and pains and reduce the need to take non-steroidal anti inflammatories (many of which have known side effects) that are often prescribed. A recent cardiovascular health issue for our Clinical Director led to more research, that ultimately led to the development of Asturpep.

Tested within our clinical setting, alongside treatment from our practitioners, Asturpep has demonstrated to be remarkably effective at reducing pain and significantly speed up recovery time for clients, who have been able to achieve either a near pain free or fully pain free state.

The release of Asturpep in the UK will allow other health care practitioners to assist their clients in achieving a better quality of life faster than treatment alone.